MaxAir Systems

MaxAir True Cyclonic Central Vacuum Systems were the first central vacuum power units specifically designed for whole-house retractable hose systems, like Hide-A-Hose. The sustained cleaning power of MaxAir ensures that the hose retracts effortlessly back every time!

MaxAir separates dirt from the air using dual motors that work together for 100% removal of all vacuumed dirt & debris.
MaxAir leaves nothing behind but fresh air. When you vacuum with portable vacuums, you will often notice that odors and dust particles remain in the air or that vacuum power decreases as dirt accumulates. MaxAir's dual motor design creates a high-efficiency air stream that removes 100% of vacuumed dirt, dust and odors from your home. And unlike portables, MaxAir comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, including three years of labor, to ensure worry- free cleaning year after year.

MaxAir delivers better Indoor Air Quality. Polluted indoor air contributes to 50% of all illnesses, according to the US EPA. The extreme vacuum power of MaxAir doesn't just clean carpet and drapes. It keeps the air you breathe clean as well.

MaxAir systems aren't seen – or heard. MaxAir systems transport all vacuumed dirt and dust particles through a network of in-wall tubing directly to the power unit, which is typically located in a basement, garage, crawlspace or utility room, so noise levels are kept low throughout the living areas.


I had barely any information regarding my central vac system, and he was able to get me the exact right part I needed to repair my system.

One of the best businesses we have ever dealt with...wish we had done this YEARS ago!

Stayed within budget - & installed the equipment on time!

Pleasure doing business with this company.

They sell solidly made systems...One of my best subcontractors.

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