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Whatever your home layout, whether multi-level, two-story or ranch, a Central Cleaning System can be planned to meet your needs. As few as two or three inlets can take care of an average size home – and some Power Units feature a convenient inlet on the Power Unit as well (one can be added to the pipe run for those units that have no inlet located on the unit)

We offer all the installation components needed for your Central Cleaning System. The components are made of the highest quality materials, engineered to insure that each Central Cleaning System installation is long-lasting and maintenance free.


New Construction

In new homes under construction, installation is simple! Just plan the location of the Power Unit and Automatic Inlets with your builder or contractor. Tubing and Inlets are installed and electrical hook-up for the Power Unit is made before drywall, plaster or finished flooring is in place. That's all.

For those trying to stretch their home building dollars, A home can be conveniently pre-tubed, with the power unit selected and installed at a later date.


Existing Construction

Installation is easy in existing homes as well. Cutting through drywall, plaster or flooring can be kept to a minimum and is determined by the number and location of the Inlets. Tubing can be run through cold air returns, closets and stairwells.

Each Inlet Kit comes with installation instructions. There's no mystery, really. A successful installation simply requires understanding how the system works, knowing what your particular cleaning needs demand and how your house is constructed.


The do-it yourself homeowner with some knowledge of electricity can install a Central Cleaning System. A typical installation can usually be accomplished in a day or less…and one final bit of advice……contact us! We have more experience planning, installing, and servicing built-in central vacuum cleaning systems than any other dealer in the area. Our reputation and referrals of satisfied customers is beyond comparison. So, if you want the best system for your home installed with the finest care and consideration, then take our advice and contact us now. We look forward to working with you!

If you have one of our Vacuflo or VacuMaid (formerly AstroVac) Filtered or Cyclonic units, please see the service manuals.



I had barely any information regarding my central vac system, and he was able to get me the exact right part I needed to repair my system.

One of the best businesses we have ever dealt with...wish we had done this YEARS ago!

Stayed within budget - & installed the equipment on time!

Pleasure doing business with this company.

They sell solidly made systems...One of my best subcontractors.

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