VacuMaid Cyclonic Systems

VacuMaid power units use either disposable paper bag, inverted (self-cleaning) or cyclonic filtration to separate dirt form the air stream.  Full cyclonic design offer the following features:

  • Allows large heavy particles to fall into a dirt canister at the bottom of the main power unit
  • Exhausts fine particles outside with no detours or stopping points
  • Have virtually 100% sustained cleaning power
  • Allows for the use of a specially-designed plastic liner to be used due to VacuMaid's patented Air Channel resulting in less hassle and less mess. (excluding model BV100) 


VacuMaid Commercial power units are Split Canister Power Units. The VacuMaid S-2600 and S-3600 are the most unique central vacuum on the market. Advantages to this design include: 

  • Being able to place the motor and dirt can in two separate locations to reduce any motor noise and place the dirt canister where it is easily accessible.
  • Having ultra long life motors for superior performance 
  • Being especially good for people with pets by not clogging like traditional bag and filter units
  • Having an easily-accessible screen for cleaning the hair that doesn't make it to the can
  • Specially-designed motors with brush interrupters for extended motor life



I had barely any information regarding my central vac system, and he was able to get me the exact right part I needed to repair my system.

One of the best businesses we have ever dealt with...wish we had done this YEARS ago!

Stayed within budget - & installed the equipment on time!

Pleasure doing business with this company.

They sell solidly made systems...One of my best subcontractors.

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