Vac Pan

Vac Pan

Ever spill some cereal on the floor, but don't want to pull out the bulky vac hose to pick it up? Well, look no further. The VacPan can be added to any new or existing Central Vac system to the toekick of any cabinet. The VacPan allows you to sweep your small spills away with little effort.

This is one powerful automatic dustpan that gives your broom the power of a central vacuum system! 

  • Perfect for any room needing frequent cleanups and sweeping - kitchens, mudrooms, laundry rooms, garages and workshops.
  • A slight touch of the foot switch easily activates the powerful vacuum suction, instantly cleaning swept dirt and debris from the floor.
  • Flush-mount design is easy to install in a cabinet kickboard or baseboard in any room - in both new construction and existing homes.
  • Practically unnoticable and never in the way until you need it!
  • Designed to match any kitchen décor, VacPans are available in 3 colors (white, black or almond). Plus, an easy-to-attach stainless steel VacPan face plate is available.


I had barely any information regarding my central vac system, and he was able to get me the exact right part I needed to repair my system.

The best businesses we have ever dealt with...wish we had done this YEARS ago!

Stayed within budget - & installed the equipment on time!

Pleasure doing business with this company.

They sell solidly made systems...One of my best subcontractors.

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